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The December issue is our international special and the cover leads on the New Silk Road. The North West is part of China’s vision for a new worldwide ‘Silk Road’ according to Insider’s Look East panel at the International Trade Forum. Experts like Rhys Walley from the Manchester-China Forum and Nathalie Cachet-Gaujard from the China-Britain Business Council spelled out the opportunities for Manchester and the North West in linking up with China. While the Look West panel featured insights from both sides of the Atlantic on how US trade deals could affect our businesses. Read all of the insight from eight expert panellists. Also as part of our International special, the heads of Regatta detail their plans for scaling new peaks around the globe, we assess Lancashire’s global ambitions and ask why the companies in the Northern Powerhouse are not nailing their colours to the mast of our Northern ports.

just to prove you dont need to spend mega bucks
back in 1988 I bought a british eagle mountain bike for £249 it had renaulds tubing frame no suspension and shimano LX group set
over the next 10 years I rode it 20 miles a day to work and back did around 12 polaris challenges toures the south west of England the midlands and lots of the north ok so I bought s few bits as they broke eventualy my son rode it for around another 6 years till it was stolen
I know I did at least 50k miles on it
so whatever you buy trust it and love it
oh and I still remove the brookes saddle from every bike I get rid of
the old adage is true
a brookes worn in fits yer bum
you cant alter your bum to fit a plastic saddle

East german cycling doping

east german cycling doping


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