East german literature

The Deutsches Geschlechterbuch, the German Lineage Book series published by . Starke Verlag, in Limburg, Germany contains four volumes that pertain to Mecklenburg (volumes 57, 74, 88, and 105). These books can be found at the Family History Center and larger libraries in the United States and Canada. The four Mecklenburg volumes are also on microfilm at the Family History Centers. In addition to the four regional volumes mentioned, the general index also lists 52 general volumes which should also be checked for information on a given name or lineage. These include the first 17 volumes of the series which were Genealogical Handbooks of Common (non-noble) Families. Only volumes 1 through 110 have been microfilmed.

Biedermeier refers to work in the fields of literature, music, the visual arts and interior design in the period between the years 1815 ( Vienna Congress ), the end of the Napoleonic Wars , and 1848, the year of the European revolutions and contrasts with the Romantic era which preceded it. Typical Biedermeier poets are Annette von Droste-Hülshoff , Adelbert von Chamisso , Eduard Mörike , and Wilhelm Müller , the last three named having well-known musical settings by Robert Schumann , Hugo Wolf and Franz Schubert respectively.

Whose lives matter? In light of current events such as the racially motivated violence in Charlottesville last summer, this course explores the legacy of slavery and Holocaust memory (and their limits) from a comparative perspective. Drawing on German and . American fiction, film, photography, comics, and art, we investigate how various media cultures bear witness to intercultural histories of genocide. This interdisciplinary course is taught in English by Prof. Julia Faisst, the Spring 2018 Max Kade Visiting Professor. Questions? Email our DUS, Dr. Denise Della Rossa . Make sure to register for this exciting class before it fills up.

East german literature

east german literature


east german literatureeast german literatureeast german literatureeast german literatureeast german literature