East german surplus

Trump didn't promise his political base - the people who voted for him - a trade surplus. He promised them well-paid jobs in re-invigorated American industries. Protectionism is not the appropriate instrument to make good on that promise, and the fact that Mr. Trump has focused on bilateral trade deficits with Germany and other countries is a testimony to his Administration's confusion or helplessness on economic policy issues. Protectionism won't help the US deal with the challenges of an emerging services-dominated American economy. Instead, the Administration's focus should be on investing in the underlying drivers of long-term US competitiveness.

The markings show this particular pistol was used both by the East German government and was later reissued by the combined Federal Republic of Germany. I purchased this pistol in the late 90’s. It was equipped with a set of thumb rest “target grips” to meet import requirements. I replaced those with the rubber Pearce Grips seen in the photo and also acquired a set of actual hard plastic East German grips later (which I couldn’t find for the photo.) In use I’ve found this pistol to be both reliable and accurate. The double-action trigger pull, while heavy, has smoothed out noticeably with use.

East german surplus

east german surplus


east german surpluseast german surpluseast german surpluseast german surpluseast german surplus