Natty vs steroids rich piana

While it definitely brings more transparency to the sport – and just steroid culture in general- ultimately getting gains from anything other than hard work is a slippery slope that many people can’t overcome. It’s a possibly addictive drug that shouldn’t be pedaled light, especially by the guy who advises people to “stay natural”. We know rock stars use a lot of drugs but it doesn’t mean McJagger will be putting up a “how to”on shooting Heroine anytime soon.  But, it’s 2015 so who knows what’s out there.

It all comes back to the tanning analogy for me. Who is going to be darker: the guy who spends fifteen minutes a week tanning or the guy who spends thirty minutes a week tanning? Assuming all else is equal, the athlete who puts in more work will better. Drugs, in the end, do allow you to do more work and you should take advantage of that fact. Most don’t.
Everyone has a different tolerance for volume. I’m not suggesting you immediately jump into a high volume routine. What I am suggesting is, just like a tan, over time, you have to continually expose yourself for longer and longer times in order to keep making gains. Your natural limit will eventually be defined by what you can realistically recover from. Drugs push that line a lot further down the road.
With that said, I don’t think there is any real difference in how natural and enhanced lifters should train . If you’re autoregulating the volume and intensity for both groups, the issue takes care of itself. Over time, after years of training, you’d notice that the enhanced lifters would, on average, being doing much more volume. That said, there will still be some individuals who do significantly less volume because that is simply what works best for the body.
Regardless, in a majority of cases, the best athletes will be the ones who best tolerate the largest amount of volume. Whether you’re natural or enhanced, your goal should be, eventually, to work up to the highest level of volume you can personally handle. Just like with a tan that is the only way to keep getting darker.
In the end, in my opinion, the only real difference is that enhanced lifters will be able to push themselves much farther than they otherwise would while making better progress in the process. However, the process remains the same for both groups: gradually add volume over time until you simply can’t anymore.
If you’d like to learn more about performance enhancing drugs , again, I won’t hesitate to recommend Llewelyn’s Anabolics which contains more than 800 medical references on the subject. Don’t get broscienced; inform yourself with actual science.

Natty vs steroids rich piana

natty vs steroids rich piana


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