Oral health to overall health

A prosthodontist is the oral health care provider who specializes in the repair of natural teeth and/or the replacement of missing teeth on a much larger scale than the general dentist. The prosthodontist uses artificial teeth (dentures), gold crowns (caps), or ceramic crowns to replace the missing or extracted teeth. The prosthodontist is also very involved in the replacement of teeth using dental implants. In addition, specially trained prosthodontists work with patients with head and neck deformities, replacing missing parts of the face and jaws with artificial substitutes.

It is important to make regular dental checkups at least twice a year, but don't wait until you feel pain. Generally, by the time you feel irritation, your gums will already have an infection or be in an advanced stage of gum disease. Talk to your dentist about your oral health; he can examine your gums to identify signs of unhealthy gums. Your dentist's office can also recommend oral health products that are most effective in meeting your specific needs. And of course, your dental hygienist should give you a professional cleaning to remove bacterial plaque and calculus (tartar), which traps bacterial plaque around and below your gumline.

Oral health to overall health

oral health to overall health


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