Oral t paste

Thank you so much for this post, Sandie. I have had maybe 6 Bartholin cysts over the last 5 or so years. I usually use Serrapeptase and sometimes Silicea, as well as warm/hot Epsom baths. Only 3 have been painful. This time, however, I am away on a course and only have access to showers, as I am in a dormitory. I felt the cyst growing but was hoping the Serrapeptase and Silica would do the the trick. A couple of days ago, it started to become painful so I started goggling treatments and found your post with the magnesium sulphate suggestion. I picked some Epsom salts last night to make my own magnesium sulfate paste and applied it to a cotton ball before going to bed, tucking the cotton ball up against the cyst. Did the same thing in the morning, and then again at lunch and this evening, the cyst burst and drained. Thank you so much form this suggetion!!!

Oral t paste

oral t paste


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