Produit anabolisant steroide

The Injections contain an aqueous solution of the smallest particles of the steroid, and therefore the risk of water retention is minimal. The dosage of 25-50 mg per day of injectable steroid is recommended for men as the dosage of 5-10 mg per day is enough for women. One of the side effects of this steroid is liver damage. However, administration of Stanozolol Injection is an effective way to reduce the risk of liver complications while this method does not cause high stress on the liver. It is often combined with other steroids to achieve a desired effect. Winstrol Stanozolol (injection) takes care of the joints. Since it’s being injected, it does not damage the tendons.

For many men, if they’re going to be off for a short period of time they will find a low dose of testosterone during that time to be perfect; we’re talking about 200mg to 250mg per week. Of course, technically this isn’t off, but it’s definitely not a full blow cycle. Such testosterone doses will protect your gains during your down time, and such use can be beneficial to the hardcore athlete. Another option is a low dose of Nolvadex and Dianabol ; we’re talking about 10mg per day of each for four to five weeks. Is this necessary; probably not if you’re only going to be off for that short of a time, but it is the best option other than testosterone if it’s an option you want. Even so, the best option of all will always be an HRT or TRT level dosing of testosterone as described above.

Produit anabolisant steroide

produit anabolisant steroide


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