Steroids for fibromyalgia pain

I have now been on this for one month and am seeing very positive results. The most surprising is that the pain that I have had on and off for the past year has not surfaced for this past month. I will write more later on my medical condition. Would also like to report that my son has had a clearing of his skin problems. I am writing to you today to get information for my grandson. He is 17 years old and has had a very serious acne problem for months. He has seen a medical doctor and although he is better, he is not where we want him to be. I believe that this product would help him. I am going to see my daughter tomorrow and will give him all the reading info that I have. Can you suggest anything? I would appreciate your advice. I feel quite certain that my daughter will want to get him started on this right away. Thanks for all your help, Ellie V. *

Recently I joined a local support group that meets monthly, and it’s the most positive action I’ve ever taken. Previously I’d turn my nose up at things like that as I couldn’t understand the benefits, but as well as getting valuable information and advice from the guest speakers, it’s the most liberating feeling. Before, I’d always feel guilty telling people how I felt – I didn’t want to burden them. But when you go to the group, everyone else is feeling exactly the same as you, so it’s possible to talk openly and honestly. I’ve met some wonderful people and they are helping me along the way.” 

Hi! I had a fairly severe attack of gall bladder disease today and ended in ER. The doctor has told me to see a surgeon, and follow-up with my PCP. I’ll be seeing her tomorrow. He had an ultra-sound done and found that I have quite a few stones. including some blocking. I’ve had high cholesterol problems since being on strong chemo after cancer surgery, and was told it had limited the function of my liver. Have you heard of this before?
Also, in addition to veggie shakes, may I continue to have my smoothies, since they’re made with non-fat yogurt, and sherbet, with no fat in them? I need to do all possible to keep up the calcium level, so I don’t have any more broken bones. Does the calcium I take cause more problems with the gall bladder? Thanks!!

Steroids for fibromyalgia pain

steroids for fibromyalgia pain


steroids for fibromyalgia painsteroids for fibromyalgia painsteroids for fibromyalgia painsteroids for fibromyalgia painsteroids for fibromyalgia pain