Test cyp dbol cycle results

Im currently 5'11 235...24yrs old....dont know my bf % but sitting mildly lean...any input on PCT would be awesome....only my second well planned cycle....i think 12wk is pretty good considering im using EQ..nvr used it before but heard it takes about 5wks to start kicking....have both test Cyp and Test E. not sure which to use so input is welcomed...jumping it with dbol...just because my body responds to dbol the best...it literally turns me into a animal....first time running the test at 750mg/wk...seems good...coasting at 500mg...running Test and eq all the way through and leaning it out with the tren Ace....everday inject, too much?? EOD?? also Tren or Masteron or a blend?? tried all and Tren seemed to cause bad sides...gyno start but not sure if it was the tren or Sus...Masteron i would prefer just so expensive...any input is welcomed...wanna hit this cycle right....PCT advise also...235lbs now wanna end at around 255lbs....

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Test cyp dbol cycle results

test cyp dbol cycle results


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