Turbolinks wordpress

Recently I met with a Senior Vice President of Strategy and Innovation at a large well-known non-profit who is planning to launch a major initiative and he’d narrowed his choices of platform down to two (2): Drupal or WordPress.  On a personal level we hit if off fabulously so if it were just personalities I think he might be inclined to take my recommendation on faith but I sensed he is enough of a real professional that he looks beyond the personality of the advocates to assess the actual best solution for this organization.

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  1. Jayant says: July 3, 2013 at 11:14 pm I have contacts working pretty well on the 9971 with the latest version of freepbx. I adapted some PHP scripts from an ancient trixbox installation to pick up directory entries from a contacts table in mysql and made that php script available to the 9971 via the XML file using this entry:

    Turbolinks wordpress

    turbolinks wordpress


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